What is Keenu?

Whether you’re a retailer or an online business, growing your company is an uphill task. What’s even more difficult is to formulate the right strategy to sell across the country, quickly, yet efficiently.

With Keenu on-board, let us set the stage right for your business with our complete end-to-end payment services.

Keenu, for the first time in Pakistan, brings you a complete package to manage your customers – from customer payment lifecycle to marketing, we help your business flourish rapidly. Especially with Ecommerce set to cross the 100 million USD mark this year, the increase in the number of young affluent consumers and their enhanced way of living, online and offline shopping is accelerating on a fast pace. To tap into this growing market, Keenu is bringing an innovative, convenient, safe payment and customer marketing options for all business owners and banks.

Our services are a hybrid of physical (in-store payments), and digital (Keenu’s NetBanking gateway) payments, topped with various value additions in the form of our loyalty program (Keenu Loyalty). Find out more how we can power your business. The venture doesn’t come to a halt here! Keenu also ensures that you make your customers feel valued via timely offerings that complement their lifestyles.

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