HMB Transforming Payments

HMB Transforming Payments with an Easy, Secure & Hassle-Free Way to Pay With Keenu NetConnect!

Habib Metropolitan Bank and Wemsol (PVT) Ltd joined hands to offer Keenu NetConnect, a new category of online payment services that will transform e-commerce and online payments with an easy, secure and hassle-free way to pay.

The signing ceremony took place on 13th November 2015, where all key officials of both organizations exchanged their views on the changing lifestyle of consumers and how they can work together to compliment it.

Keenu NetConnect is a non-conventional payment connector to enable e-commerce merchants/banks for online e-commerce payments through customer’s bank account using Internet/Mobile. Its 100% secure with no storage of any sensitive merchant or bank information.

It is easy to set up, so millions of users in Pakistan can now simply shop online or make general payments with just few clicks.

“HMB is pleased to collaborate with Keenu on NetConnect to create a better, faster and safer online payments eco-system, which puts the customer first, helps us create an exceptional customer experience for consumers and merchants both. Everyone wins,” said Mr. Siraj uddin Aziz, President, HMB, Pakistan. “We are the pioneers in this space and with Keenu NetConnect, we’re providing our customers with the right tools to help make their transition to online commerce”, he added. “For them, better means simpler, faster and more convenient and Keenu NetConnect is another exciting move in that direction.” he concluded.

Online shopping in Pakistan has the potential to grow past the USD $100 Million by 2020 as the 30 million internet users learn how to pay for physical goods and services including apparel, electronics, health and beauty products, tickets and more.
“Keenu NetConnect is one of its kind of innovative thinking that we hope will bring the worlds of online and offline commerce closer together,” said Ashraf Machiyara, Chairman of Wemsol (Pvt) Ltd. We’re excited to work with HMB to offer their businesses and merchants a simple and secure way to help enable purchases online.”

To cater the changing shopping patterns, banks, merchants and end consumers all are clamoring for better, secure and more hassle-free transactions.