keenu launched


Karachi, Pakistan, February 10, 2016 – Wemsol Private Limited launched its payment network brand, Keenu, at an event on February 10, 2016, at the Pool Marquee, Marriott Hotel, Karachi.

Wemsol, a fully-owned subsidiary of United Mobile, is a service-oriented company that was formed in 2011, with the idea of delivering complete, end-to-end electronic payment and enterprise solutions tailored to customers’ needs. The company, with its brand, Keenu, intends to offer the best of customer service, which has been the telling aspect since its inception. Mr. Ashraf Machiyara is the Chairman of the company, while Mr. Ejaz Hassan, Mr. Saad Niazi, and Mr. Raja Faisal Zaman are the CEO, COO, and Director Technology, respectively.

The event marks the launch of a brand which will change the face of the retail industry in Pakistan. Keenu offers a number of payment solutions, while also providing merchant servicing, all under the same roof, with value additions like none other in the industry.

Following the launch, a new trend is likely to erupt amid Pakistani consumers, who currently rely on cash or their plastic cards for all their payments. With the advent of technology, and added usage of smartphones, Keenu will facilitate digital payments, where performing a transaction will be friendlier than ever before. The brand also offers loyalty programs, tailored to merchants’ liking, helping them form alliances as they bid to grow their business manifolds.

The company has three major offerings, each of which is designed to facilitate merchants, telcos, banks, and customers.

• Keenu Pay
• Keenu NetConnect
• Keenu Club

“We are committed to make the payment system in Pakistan easier for our customers, banks, merchants, and end consumers, who are all clamoring for convenient, yet enhanced payment modes, and Keenu is the only solution that caters to all three,” said Mr. Ejaz Hassan, the CEO at Keenu. The launch event also marked the presence of a number of big names from banks, telcos, merchants, and industrialists, ranging across the country, including Mr. Ashraf Machiyara, the Chairman of Machiyara Group of Companies.

“Machiyara Group, over the years, has only had one goal, to cater to the Pakistani economy, and help elevate its status. We intend to benefit the local communities with each initiative, and offer innovative solutions. Through the years, we entered each industry as the window of opportunity arose; textile, construction, telecommunication, and now payments. I am convinced that payments is now the department that needs to be injected-in, as the market, and the time is ripe,” said Mr. Ashraf Machiyara as he sheds light on his decision to indulge in the payments industry.

Thanks to Keenu’s very-own POS/mobile-POS terminals, businesses can set the tone right for a better retail and checkout experience for customers. With the vision of becoming the best merchant acquirer in Pakistan, Wemsol will continue to add value to its merchants, and partner institutions through its continuous product development, and merchant support services.