Keenu launches Rewards & Lifestyle Program!

Keenu now forays into the consumer market with its Rewards & Lifestyle Program. Pakistanis can now make Jhatt Payments and can get Patt Rewards!

With the changing living patterns of today’s consumers, their demand for convenient & hassle free solutions has shown an abrupt growth in the retail and e-commerce segment in Pakistan. By keeping in view the prevailing trends and being part of the payment sector since half a decade, Keenu now extends its muscles to cater Pakistani consumers by providing them with a world, which complements their busy lifestyle in the form of innovation and excitement, through Rewards & Lifestyle Program.

Keenu Rewards & Lifestyle revolves around providing a hassle-free purchase experience covering everything that an individual deals with, in his/her daily life. As stated by Ahsan Jamal, the Head of Products, “We have made what consumers have been clamouring for, a secure, simple, quick and a rewarding payment experience – no frills attached”.

The prominent features of the Program include retail/online purchases and bill payments and to top it all off, every payment and purchase is linked with instant cashback, amazing discount deals and promotions. Keenu rewards back instantly!

Getting on board with Keenu is very simple and quick!  All that needed is consumers registered mobile number, email address, name and they are good to go!

Use Keenu to experience the dynamic change of how a consumer makes payments for retail/online and bills. The COO of Wemsol (Pvt) Ltd, Saad Niazi says that “Keenu is working towards digitizing consumer’s everyday lifestyle, and ultimately establishing Pakistan as a digital economy”.

Furthermore to add, our company’s CEO, Mr. Ejaz Hassan also says that “Pakistani consumers are changing and so is the way they want to pay! Hence no one has time for lengthy processes in their busy lives but at the same time they want to feel valued”

So what’s the wait for now? Just sign up and enjoy making payments with cashback rewards and discounts because at Keenu, everyone can make payments, and get rewarded right away!

Explore Keenu Rewards & Lifestyle by signing up on application is also available as Keenu on Google Play and App store.